Mindfulness is the act of being present in the current. The act helps make you concentrate on the things happening right in your life. When a person practices mindfulness, the person enhances his knowledge and emotional balance. It encourages the self-knowledge and empathy of a person. It also boosts wisdom and life understanding. With mindfulness, you can overcome past failures and superficial thoughts or prejudices.

With mindfulness, a human can focus on trivial things in his life. However, these things also make a significant difference in living a life. It works as a compass to navigate you through the hardships of life. A person searching for enlightenment can never find it outside because true enlightenment resides inside us.

The best part of mindfulness is that you can practice it anywhere and anytime. When you want to exercise, you go to the gym; when you want to sleep, you go to bed, but you stay where you are when you want to exercise mindfulness. Mindfulness can be practiced anywhere simply without any tools or pre-requisites.

(Dr) Khanna is a certified & registered Independent Director for Indian boards, a certified Human Resource Director, a Career and Life Coach certified by ICF, an NLP practitioner,  a Thought Leader. He is awarded Honorary Doctorate for distinguished career spanning over 30 years in offering customized business solutions to multi-cultural and diverse industries, in providing strategic advisory to Boards /Top management, on Business Excellence, Supply Chain, Human Resource, Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability.

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