Irrespective of your age or profession, self-management or personal management is vital for all. It helps individuals to get the best out of their limited resources. This module covers rules of personal management, self-discipline and time management. It explains how one can overcome negativity through resilience and optimism. When people have difficulty in attaining personal management, they must look out for professional help. Hence, this module also covers the role of life mentors and coaches. The module ends with the thorough sub-module that covers the essence of living a balanced life.

(Dr) Khanna is a certified & registered Independent Director for Indian boards, a certified Human Resource Director, a Career and Life Coach certified by ICF, an NLP practitioner,  a Thought Leader. He is awarded Honorary Doctorate for distinguished career spanning over 30 years in offering customized business solutions to multi-cultural and diverse industries, in providing strategic advisory to Boards /Top management, on Business Excellence, Supply Chain, Human Resource, Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability.

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Art of self Maximization(AoSM) Package