Fill Your Life with Purpose and Positivity.You Deserve It!

Do you see the difference between “Target vs Aimless”, “Guided vs Unmoored”, “Intentional vs Unpredictable” and “Purposeful vs Wandering”?

The Academy for Self Maximization has courses that make it nearly impossible to fail at getting a life of purpose, passion and potential. We combine proven tools, and a series of online programs with 1:1 coaching and peer support, so you’re never overwhelmed, stuck, or left wondering what to do next.

What We Do


We teach you how to
be your own coach.


We show you how to take tiny steps towards big


We educate you how to change the lives of others.

Do you want to transform your life ?

Master coach Dr. Sanjeevv Khanna founded the Academy for Self Maximization to help people find their purpose of life or Ikigai. lkigai is a Japanese concept that roughly translates to "a reason for being." It is often used to describe the sense of purpose or fulfilment one experiences in work and life. The Academy's two programs set the standard for the life coaching industry, helping people create the impossible in their own lives.



Ikigai is Ikigai is packed with full of tools and powerful questions that will help everyone who's ready to make some serious shifts in their life.

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